About ORC: Practical Solutions for Rangeland Management

At Open Range Consulting, we're deeply familiar with rangelands because we've actively worked them. More than just a GIS company, we are seasoned ranchers and land managers who have spent over 60 years balancing the dual goals of profitability and environmental stewardship. Our expertise is in managing land in a way that supports both economic success and ecological health, simultaneously.

Real Experience:

Our founder, Gregg, has been in charge of large ranches like Desert Land and Livestock and Humboldt. This background is what makes our Earth Sensed Technology (EST) work so well—it's built on real experience.

Our Technology:

With EST, we've created a set of tools that are easy to use and work. They're designed for the field, not just the lab, and are patented (US 9,824,276 B2) for their unique approach to tracking and assessing rangelands. Our technology is also internationally recognized in scientific journals, underscoring our commitment to scientific excellence and practical application

Diverse Clientele:

Our EST is trusted by a wide range of clients — from ranchers and land managers who live off the land, to government agencies, universities, the U.S. Department of Defense, and nonprofits. This broad adoption across sectors underlines the versatility and reliability of our tools.

Our Promise:

Open Range Consulting is committed to delivering solid, effective solutions that work for both the land and those who steward it. Whether you're overseeing sustainable land use or managing expansive rangelands, our tools are designed to make your job more effective and efficient.
Join the many who've stepped up their land management game with our help. Let's get to work.